Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a relationship management tool, capable of revolutionizing how your business works, communicates with the market, and manages your contacts, in a single focal point.


How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM work?


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is capable of storing all information your business needs (and many other that make up data crossing) to help your team understand and relate with any type of client or business partner, thus creating the CRM nomenclature, and after that xRM, in which x represents anything, be it a client, partner, supplier, student or user, it doesn't matter as any relationship can and should be mapped.


Your business needs to understand the concept of relationships in a broader way, understanding that your client is your biggest asset, and as such should have total focus through its whole life cycle, be it on pre sale, during the sale cycle, or post-sale.


Dynamics CRM helps your teams map and monitor contact points between clients and your business, like in emails, documents, offers, orders, incidents, physically and even in social networks.


Dynamics CRM will help your team be more productive, removing all daily repetitive and bureaucratic tasks and bringing the right information for your team to relate with clients instead of managing bureaucracy.


Dynamics CRM uses a web interface, compatible with almost every browser, tablet and phone (some devices require a specific application with reduced functionalities focused on salesforce automation).
Check below what Dynamics can do for your business:




Your clients' knowledge is bigger than ever: they make their purchase decisions even before you start acting. Your sales team must adapt to your clients' new reality. We'll help you adapt, secure clients quicker and sell more.




Marketing needs change constantly. You need to charm clients in new ways, using new channels and, at the same time, prove marketing investment returns. We help you captivate clients, create the pipeline and prove sales impact.




Clients' expectations have changed. They expect quality, personalized services made their way. We'll help you earn their loyalty, capacitate your customer service team and quicken problem solving with a stunning service at any time and through any means.




Social insights can provide lots of information on your clients' experiences, ensuring messages are distributed accordingly and highlight tendencies that impact your brand. But they shouldn't cost a fortune or only serve a handful: they should be a part of everything you do.

Implantation / Migration Consulting


Count on our specialists to help you implant and manage your local or cloud ambient. We understand this change is a big step for your business and want you to feel at ease so that your company can benefit the most from what Dynamics CRM can offer, and for this we have trained specialists to gather all of your business' requisites, implant customizations and workflows that'll help your business become more productive and effective, and even provide required training for you to use all resources available in the tool.

See what some clients are doing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


"We filter what each person likes, to also bring it to the classroom. Everything's related, each person's profile."

Gabriel Salaro
Salution Idiomas Owner-Partner