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This is a serious topic that demands a lot of attention. Incorrect software licensing puts your business at audit risk, besides risks like viruses, hackers and other vulnerability spots. Don't falter, original software is better, has technical support and updates.

Understand the types of Microsoft Licenses available


OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
This license is used to incorporate the software to the machine's hardware. This license is usually one of the cheapest, but can only be sold together with a new computer, PC, notebook or server. It can't be used in any other machine. In case there's a machine upgrade, depending upon the upgrade made, the software loses validity and requires a new purchase.


FPP - Full Package Product
Recommended for domestic users or those with few units. This is the license type present in retail, where you can go to the supermarket, for instance, and get it from the shelf and install in your machine much like any other product. This is also the most expensive type of license, partly because of packaging and transportation, which wind up increasing prices. Each key must be stored and is bound to the same license, there's no storage for this info and usually serves to activate only one license.


ESD - Electronic Software Delivery
Similar to the FPP license, ESD gives an individual license, for only a few units, but instead of a physical product in a shelf, it can be purchased and downloaded online at home.


OPEN and OPEN Value
Licensing per volume. Starting from more than 5 machines, this is the cheapest option for small and medium businesses in a new contract, and allows for better management, since you receive a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) which lets you activate several machines in your business using only one key, until you reach the limit established in the contract. You can add new licenses in your current contract, not requiring the minimum necessary for a new contract.


Monthly Subscription and CSP
Currently you can get subscriptions for a wide range of Microsoft softwares and products, like Office, productivity bundles and even Server and Infrastructure Licensing.


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Windows 10 Legalization Offer


It's time for you to legalize your Windows Desktop to the latest version!


With original software, you have rights to all of Microsoft's free updates, can connect to your business' intranet, has Microsoft support among many other benefits.


If you have Windows 7 or 8, you can license via the OPEN option and can Downgrade to your current version (minimum of 5 licenses for starting a OPEN contract).


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