SPLA Microsoft Software Rental

The most economical and intelligent way to license your Microsoft software

SPLA Microsoft Software Rental

The Microsoft Software Rental System (Software as a Service) is the most intelligent way to preserve your technological investments, reducing initial costs by up to 90%, integrating at once your infrastructure's software and hardware. As it's a subscription / rental, your business can even discount owed income tax, posting this type of solution as an expense and not as an asset, especially in the technology segment whose product life cycle is shorter.


Paying a monthly fee, with no initial costs, your company can have the hardware, software and associated services from Microsoft so that your infrastructure can work in a quick, safe and functional way without you having to worry about scaling, acquisitions and great investment contributions. These operational costs can even be deducted from income tax.


The Microsoft Software Rental System, known as SPLA (Service Provider Level Agreement) is an advanced licensing solution, a deal between Microsoft and CompuBusiness Multi-Tecnologia, letting you rent Microsoft Software and Hardware together or, in the case of servers, in your business' servers, whereas they must be managed entirely by our team.


Free Upgrades


Microsoft Software Rental also helps your business stay up-to-date in the technological scenario, as all software rented under the SPLA format already have Software Assurance, the so-called software insurance, thus your business has rights to the new software versions, right after launch. Our team then books the migration, choosing the best date for migration, and having already ratified the solutions so that you can stay safe knowing the solution's working correctly and providing you maximum productivity.


Investment Comparison


To let you have an idea of this solution's investment, we've made an investment comparison between purchasing these solutions and their rental via SPLA:

Product Price
Windows Server 2016 Standard SA R$ 6.500,00
Windows CAL Licenses R$ 2.100,00
SQL Server 2016 R$ 6.700,00
SQL CAL Licenses R$ 14.900,00
8-Core Server R$ 7.500,00
TOTAL R$ 37.700,00


Product Price
Windows Server 2016 Standard SPLA R$ 145,00 / month
Windows CAL Licenses INCLUDED
SQL Server 2016 R$ 1.045,00 / month
8-Core Server R$ 590,00 / month
TOTAL R$ 1.780,00 / month

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