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The Path to a Safer Online World

When talking about virtual safety - Cybersecurity - we're talking about a series of measures, norms and procedures in our virtual ambient. It seems complicated, but it's really simple - if planned and well-executed. It has a great cost-benefit ratio, being an excellent investment for any business. It's absurdly complicated and expensive to not do, or worse, have to remedy. It's best to always be ready.

Can you quickly answer if your business' technology ambient is safe? Are your sure? How many hours would a hacker need to invade your network? Access security cameras? Steal confidential data from your e-commerce clients?

We can compare security planning to a insurance policy. If you and your team plan just right, it's a reasonable cost and you're protected. If anything goes wrong, you can quickly correct it. Everything will be fine. But if you don't have this "insurance", you'll most likely regret it when the fire's taken over everything. And it may be too late.

It's really simple to return a backup stored in the cloud. Even if your server's physically stolen. Oh, but the backup was in the tapes they stole? Or in that external HD that doesn't work anymore? Better re-evaluate your strategies.

Virtual Crimes

In 2017 virtual crimes kept increasing compared to previous years. In 2016 more than 35% of the world's computers suffered some sort of strike, and over 2.000.000 computers all over the world were infected by some sort of malware whose objective was to steal money through banking or credit card data theft.

Silent Attacks

Many organizations believe they'll notice an attack right after it happens. Unfortunately what happens in reality is just the opposite. The threat infiltrates the business and stays hidden, silent for a long time (weeks or even months), many times spreading while also not making any splurges. When the attack begins most devices are already compromised.

Information Loss

After any failure, attack or disaster, businesses realize that not every information that was really important was copied or safe. Some types of information can be remade, other unfortunately can't. When information that's critical for your company's operation is lost, besides hampering business it can mean serious legal consequences and even lead to its closure.

Is your business safe?

How is your business regarding: Firewalls, Antivirus, Backup and Disaster Recovery?


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Security in Small and Medium Businesses

Don't have an antivirus in all computers in the network 0
Don't have security mechanisms in devices that access databanks 0
Don't establish clear and formal policies on which websites workers can access on site 0
Suffered some type of cyber attack in the last year 0

A large part of small and medium businesses believe that due to their size they're not subject to cyber attacks, thus worrying about preventive cybersecurity measures is unnecessary. Or even worse, some believe that bare minimum measures like antiviruses are enough to protect them. Criminals have already noticed this behavior and these businesses are becoming their prime targets, being the easiest to attack. Just one infected email can compromise the whole company's security.

Preventive cybersecurity measures are simple and require small investments compared to the protection they provide the business.

From the small to medium businesses analyzed in the study, 60% of these depend on their virtual environment to work, so an attack that compromises it can really put the business as a whole in peril. In cases with more serious threats like Ransomwares, the business can lose all its data and be forced to shut down.

The 6 basic steps for having a safer and more productive network

Don't deceive yourself, a 100% safe network doesn't exist, any system can be cheated. Trust us, criminals are always creating new and creative ways to crack security, and creating several protection layers is the best way to protect yourself. Look through this practical approach so that your business stays safer:


Firewall & UTM

The primary line of defense against threats


Corporate Antivirus

Sustained protection and defense against malwares


Collaborative Platform

Stay productive without letting go of safety


Cloud Backup

Your data protected, no matter what happens


Original Software

Free updates, redoubled defense


User Education

Information is the best form of prevention

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