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Today a lot is said about the cloud, whether we should enter this world or not. Just know one thing, this path can be adapted for your business. With Microsoft's Cloud you company can integrate and have a hybrid environment, between the cloud and your premises, servers that communicate in a completely safe environment with virtual machines, web services, networks, machine learning, and much more. This is the Cloud made your way, you choose, you decide, and best of all, you pay only for what you use.


Microsoft Azure is constantly evolving, with several services provided by both Microsoft and partners, new resources are always being added, letting your business increasingly benefit more from services that adapt to new tendencies and are tailored for your business.


Microsoft Azure's structure allows for significant reductions in your projects' pricing and terms. Imagine the whole process of buying servers, software, and services you had to implant your environment last time; and now imagine that you can create entire pre-populated environments already configured with OS and applications in minutes. You can also configure all firewall rules, virtual networks, public and private IPs, automation routines and much more!




In this concept you are charged only for what you use, as you use it. Virtual Machines are charged on a per-minute basis. You can automate your structure and program it to shut down automatically in hours when it won't be used, and also turn on in a specified time, reducing operational costs!

Virtual Machines

Provision Windows and Linux Virtual Machines in Seconds

Application Services

Quickly create powerful cloud-based web and mobile apps

SQL Database

SQL Database as a relational and managed service


Durable, high-availability and massively scalable cloud storage

Cloud Services

Create highly available, infinitely scalable applications and APIs in the cloud

Azure Cosmos DB

Experiment Azure's Cosmos DB for a globally distributed database with several models

Azure Active Directory

Synchronize local directories and enable single sign-on


Simple and reliable cloud-based server backup

Unbeatable. Complete. Secure.

Microsoft Azure's 42 regions, more than any other cloud provider

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62 compliance offers. More than any other cloud provider.


An initial evaluation of your true needs, avoiding oversizing and already evaluating a close-to-real scenario


After assessment, we'll make your environment's scaling with an approximate estimate of your monthly charges

Testing / POC

We elaborate a concept test, and with it evaluating analysis gaps and adjusting according to each case


We convert the environment and put the solution to work