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Malware threats are increasingly closer

Security against Malware

Everyone surely knows and understands the importance of having a good antivirus in your machine, it helps protect against Malware (Malicious Software). These programs can affect your machine's operation, use and access it without permission, expose or steal your data, among many other things.

There are many types of Malware like Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses, thus it's important that you have your security tool always updated to avoid any type of contamination.

What's the significance of a corporate antivirus for your business?

When talking about a network environment with several computers and employees working together, management gets complicated. What happens if a machine is infected by malware? Users aren't ready to deal with this scenario, sometimes they don't even notice it and freely leave a security breach that compromises the company's network. At times, employees take equipment home, where they have their local networks with even weaker security, and live with other domestic devices with no company security policies and that most times have no protection at all, and once connected back at the company can bring external threats in.

In these cases it's essential that you have control over the situation, in a corporate antivirus you have constant monitoring on threats from a central console, you have constant monitoring on PCs, Servers and Devices, even if they're temporarily out of the business, you can monitor, receive contamination alerts and have a proactive posture to take care of any special equipment, remotely execute a virus verification and even block network access before a threat reaches your network.


Bitdefender Corporate Antivirus protects everything that keeps your business running: workstations, servers, electronic mailboxes and mobile devices. It's incredibly light and easy to install.

Using advanced behavioral technologies, Bitdefender Corporate Antivirus reaches the highest grades in independent threat detection tests. The GravityZone proven leader protection and its performance help minimize risks of a security violation that could affect your business or your workers' systems velocity.

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    The 6 basic steps for having a safer and more productive network

    Don't deceive yourself, a 100% safe network doesn't exist, any system can be cheated. Trust us, criminals are always creating new and creative ways to crack security, and creating several protection layers is the best way to protect yourself. Look through this practical approach so that your business stays safer:


    Firewall & UTM

    The primary line of defense against threats


    Corporate Antivirus

    Sustained protection and defense against malwares


    Collaborative Platform

    Stay productive without letting go of safety


    Cloud Backup

    Your data protected, no matter what happens


    Original Software

    Free updates, redoubled defense


    User Education

    Information is the best form of prevention

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