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With support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM and SAP, Microsoft Azure's Virtual Machines offer the flexibility of virtualization to a huge variety of computing solutions: testing and development, application execution, and datacenter extension. It's about the freedom of free software configured the way you need. It's like there was another rack in your datacenter that would let you implement an application in seconds, instead of weeks.

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Scale according to your needs

Combine the performance of a supercomputer with the scalability of a cloud. Scale from one to thousands of instances of a Virtual Machine. With the increasing number of regional Microsoft Azure datacenters, you can easily scale globally to stay closer to your customers.

Have more options

Regarding Virtual Machines, everything is a matter of choice. Choose between Linux and Windows. Local hosting, cloud hosting, or hybrid hosting. Choose your own Virtual Machine image or download a pre-configured, certified one in the Azure Marketplace. With Virtual Machines, you're in control.

Pay only for what you use

Keep your budget under control with low cost-per-minute charges. You'll pay only for the computing time you use.

Improve security and compliance

Cryptograph confidential data, protect virtual machines from viruses and malware, protect network traffic and meet regulatory and compliance requisites.

Explore the power of the hybrid cloud

Create virtual machines for local servers or scale vertically to the cloud to help balance resources and increase your application's availability. Virtual Machines can integrate Microsoft Azure's cloud capacity to your datacenter for global load balancing when needed, or to access truly high-performance, on demand computing resources in the cloud.

Experiment free software, with options

Implement a thorough range of free software solutions controlled by the Azure community. Choose between one of many Linux distributions like Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE, besides community controlled solutions like Chef, Docker and Puppet. Implant Virtual Machines for other products, like Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server. Microsoft Azure is open, with several options.

Execute Microsoft corporate applications with the highest quality support

It's easy to implant Microsoft corporate applications in Virtual Machines. From Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics to SQL Server, R Server and System Center, you get great stability, performance and guidelines when executing in Microsoft Azure. Our highest quality support team helps you, and our flexible technical support plans embrace everything, from Microsoft applications to cloud infrastructure.

Powerful enough for any type of business

Configure the size and performance of your virtual machine to handle the largest commercial needs. GS series Virtual Machines provide quick I/O performance with extremely low latency when using Microsoft Azure's Premium Storage disk performance. Dv2 series Virtual Machines are ideal for applications that require faster CPUs, better local disk performance and superior memory.

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S Virtual Machine - Windows Server + 2 Nuclei + 3.5GB RAM + 60GB Disk + Support

M Virtual Machine - Windows Server + 4 Nuclei + 7GB RAM + 285GB Disk + Support

L Virtual Machine - Windows Server + 4 Nuclei + 28GB RAM + 286GB Disk + Support